Beyond the Design

Here at BA Inc., we greatly value our duty to serve our surrounding community. Our responsibility to have a positive impact on social welfare and give back to the public is not taken lightly. Thus, we strive to be societal leaders and generate measurable change in the community by encouraging the youth population to actively learn subjects such as technology and engineering.

Engineering is subtly interwoven into our everyday lives because it is essential to the creation of the many things we use. From basic appliances such as power cords and computers to complex projects like buildings and medical devices, engineers are the architects behind the scenes that allow us to do what we do.

BA Inc. promotes the growth and development of our surrounding community by sponsoring youth involved in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) programs. The study of Science Technology Engineering and Math will play an immense role in the development of the youth population. Furthermore, STEM education will empower young people with knowledge; And with knowledge, the opportunities that arise are endless. We continuously offer internships to college and high school students to contribute to the essential knowledge in the STEM areas and benefit the society and environment we live in. By empowering youth with knowledge, we are taking steps towards a brighter future and the empowerment of our community.